3D Animation of the aerial plug-pulling task

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Aerial manipulation is one of the rising topics which can simultaneously leverage versatility of the robotic manipulator and maneuverability of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Currently, I am conducting the research on the aerial plug-pulling task which entails two different dynamical models, a free-flight model and a plug-pulling model. Since my goal is to design an optimal controller which satisfactorily controls the given plug-pulling scenario, to validate my proposed assumptions and theorems, there needs an elaborate simulator. As a result I made a MATLAB simulation which visualizes the aerial manipulator holding onto the plug which is attached to the socket. The attached video is a 3D animation which shows the performance of my control law which is designed based on the plug-pulling situation.

Source code was already uploaded on my private Github repository (https://github.com/JH-Byun) but it will be soon released to the publics.



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