In Spring 2020, I joined LARR in Seoul National University to pursue research in aerial robotics. My research interests in robotics are in aerial manipulation [1].

I am currently working with Dongjae Lee.

Purpose of Posting

As a graduate student, I am going to share our publications on PUBLICATIONS tab whenever our research team publish a paper to conferences or journals and our team’s open projects on STUDY tab. Not only that, my daily life will be posted on BLOG tab and PHOTOGRAPHY tab to share my personal life, too.

Will it be helpful for you?

If you are interested in analyzing the aerial manipulation using the concept of hybrid dynamical systems, you can look around our publications and open projects to find an inspiration. Also, you can also contact me using various ways, such as e-mail, facebook, instagram, etc., to discuss the relevant topics.

In addition, I also want you to enjoy the photos which are uploaded on the PHOTOGRAPHY tab. Please feel free to visit my website!